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Delivering on-going support to our clients

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Client Support

Client Library

Client Library features include:

Online Resources

Find answers, information and programs related to the products you use; share your ideas and get the help you need with the tools available in Online Resources.

  • FAQs: Quickly find answers to commonly asked questions. Our frequently asked questions were completely revised in the spring of 2012.
  • Product Documents: Review instructions, release documentation, reference materials and more.
  • Downloads: Download updates, service packs, data dictionaries and other utilities.
  • UserVoice: Share enhancement ideas and suggestions related to Baker Hill products and services directly with the Baker Hill product management team.
  • Release Timelines: Catch up on recent product updates and learn about upcoming enhancements.
  • Support Tickets: Review support tickets submitted by your organization during the past 12 months.
  • Submit Support Request: Email the Baker Hill Product Support team to ask a question or report a problem.
User Community
  • User Community Forum: Network with fellow product users to share information, ask questions and discuss product-specific issues.

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