Auto Acquisition Strategies

Auto lending is on the rise

Capitalize on the current growth happening in the auto industry.  Experian® can help you gain insight into the latest credit trends before you deploy your next marketing campaign.

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Target the right customers for new auto loans or leases

Our advanced analytics can help you target borrowers who are credit worthy, profitable, and in the market for an auto loan or lease.  Use a multi-layered approach to ensure you reach the right prospect with the right offer.

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  • Experian can help increase your book rates and achieve your growth objectives with advanced analytics designed to improve the effectiveness of your customer segmentation and offer refinement strategies.  Utilize a comprehensive suite of tools to define your optimal prospect list — from advanced risk prediction to profitability and response metrics.


Refinance competitor loans and gain market share

Now is the time to revamp your auto refinance strategies with an advanced suite of tools designed to give you an edge on the competition.

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  • Borrowers are continuing to look for ways to take advantage of today’s low interest rates.  Increase campaign success by using a comprehensive suite of advanced analytics to target only those consumers that are both credit worthy AND likely to respond to your refinance offer.


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Auto Acquisition Strategies

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In the Market Models

New predictive metrics to identify consumers in the market for an auto loan or lease.

Premier Attributes

Pinpoint specific consumer behavior for enhanced segmentation and improved decisioning.


The first tri-bureau credit score designed to provide greater consistency across credit reporting companies.

Global Consulting Practice

Discover how our industry experts can help you design effective portfolio growth strategies.

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