The world of consumer credit can feel complex. After all, our database represents 220 million credit-active consumers nationwide with 1.3 billion updates flowing through monthly. How can a business sort through this enormous dataset to identify consumers, decision on loans, market to prospects and collect?

Experian’s Consumer Information Services division offers a suite of solutions to assist lenders, government entities, retailers and beyond with all aspects of the customer credit lifecycle.

We want to help your business make smarter decisions, fueled by best-in-class data. Shall we get started?





Acquire and Decision with the Best Data

It starts with our credit profile and a host of other products to help you with consumer identification, decisioning and retention.






Find the Right Credit Customers

Our prospecting tools arm you with the accurate data needed to make informed decisions and take advantage of opportunities to acquire more of the customers you want.






Manage Your Accounts with Intelligence

Identify when to extend credit, discover when delinquency is eminent and receive negative and positive credit changes within your account system.






Recover More Debt

From locating hard-to-find debtors to predicting debtor behavior, our array of collections products can assist your business with strategy and recovering more debt.






Optimize Your Targeting Efforts

Combine the credit profile with trended data in ready-to-deploy, prescriptive solutions to increase response rates, optimize credit terms, and decrease attrition.






Furnishing Accurate Data

Whether it’s for regulatory compliance or optimal customer experience, we give you the solutions to assess the accuracy of consumer credit data you pass and receive.



Latest Video

The Making of an Experian Credit Report

Ever wonder how a consumer transaction makes its way onto an actual credit report? Discover how data is passed from a furnisher to Experian, and about the multiple data accuracy checkpoints, speed of transmission and flow of information.

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