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Information is the key to making successful business decisions. The resources below will provide real life examples of our valuable products through case studies, business credit insights through our reports, and unique perspectives through expert whitepapers.

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  • Snap-on Credit 
    Snap-on Credit LLC has been an Experian user for more than 10 years and relies on Experian data when making credit decisions within its leasing program.
  • C&H Distributors 
    Experian’s BusinessIQ Premier ProfileSM helps C&H Distributors, LLC expedite risk assessment and manage costs in a fast-paced direct-marketing environment.
  • Rubicon Project 
    Experian’s International Developed Profiles helps Rubicon Project to safely expand into untapped markets.
  • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority 
    BusinessIQSM helps shorten client’s credit application process of new accounts.
  • Wurth Louis and Company 
    Wurth Louis and Company minimizes risk with BusinessIQSM.
  • Edward Don & Company 
    DecisionIQSM helps Edward Don & Company reduce time and expenses for new account acquisitions.
  • Interline Brands 
    DecisionIQSM brings revenue growth and increased efficiencies.
  • PC Mall, Inc.
    Data quality and BusinessIQSM reduce risk and save money.
  • Secura Insurance Companies
    SECURA Insurance faced the challenge of upholding high underwriting standards while also responding in a timely manner to clients and agents.
  • LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc.
    LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. improves its portfolio management and enjoys competitive benchmarking using Experian data and business services.
  • Daylight Transport
    Daylight TransportTM chose Experian Business Information Services to speed approvals, meet sales growth objectives,and manage risk and cash flow.
  • Experian Order to Cash
    Enhancing its enterprise-wide client master and improving collections strategies in parallel with tools from Experian’s Business Information Services group...
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