How Tech Is Bringing Brands Closer To Their Customers

Posted on Apr 14 2015 by

For years, brands lacked the means to create highly relevant and meaningful interactions with their customers. Today, that has changed–and the demand has never been greater.

According to Experian Marketing Services’ State of Cross-Channel Marketing Report, marketers from around the world are adopting more customer-centric engagement strategies. With cross-channel marketing technology and predictive analytical tools becoming smarter and more accessible to marketers, they have the ability to help brands manage data, understand the preferences of their customers and most importantly, turn that intelligence into action across every channel at scale.


Vision 2015 Session Spotlight: A sneak peek on what to expect

Posted on Apr 09 2015 by

Experian’s 34th annual Vision Conference is quickly approaching. This year’s theme of “Think Big: Data, Analytics, Insights, Growth” will be explored through more than 80 breakout sessions with thought-provoking perspectives, best practices and solutions for addressing emerging business issues for clients.

Each year, Vision combines in-depth research, cutting-edge technology and expertise from industry leaders to help Experian’s clients strengthen their balance sheets and plan for sustained growth.


From Subpar to Stellar: 5 Ways to Credit Success

Posted on Apr 08 2015 by

A recent report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) found that many people are confused and frustrated about how to check credit reports and scores and they feel they lack information to take action to improve their credit histories. I have to admit that I was not surprised by some of the survey’s results, and I suspect my colleagues in financial literacy weren’t either. We devote our careers to educating consumers, financial educators and businesses about how to empower people to understand credit and the role it plays in their everyday lives. But it’s a steep uphill climb.

As a new federal agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a relative newcomer to the financial literacy arena, but many of the people working in its education division have years of knowledge and experience in the field. I’ve met and worked with a number of them, and I have great respect for the focus they are bringing to such an important issue.

Many others — in the public sector like the Federal Trade Commission, and non-profits like the Mission Asset Fund and the Consumer Federation of America’s America Saves, and companies like Experian — invest in, conduct and work together on programs with the sole focus of helping people become more financially capable.


Financial Apps and Information Security: Balancing Consumer Needs

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As more and more finance apps fill the marketplace, consumers have the opportunity to be increasingly selective with their download choices.

App availability is widely accessible to smartphone users, and many users are progressively feeling the need to keep a close tab on their finances when on-the-go, whether away from their home base, or simply in their daily routines between bank visits. When they make the decision to bring a financial app into their device, how do security concerns versus the convenience factor play out?

A recent study by Experian explored these decision-making evaluations and the motivations behind them, finding that nearly half of consumers currently use financial apps to gain confidence and control over their financial welfare (46 percent).


Experian Named Organization of the Year for Financial Literacy

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IFL22 Label Final

Experian® has been named the “Organization of the Year” and presented with the Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Award by the Institute For Financial Literacy during the Annual Conference on Financial Education in San Antonio.


Championing Consumers to Financial Literacy

Posted on Mar 31 2015 by

Financial Education

Are you in the dark with your finances? Take control this April during Financial Literacy Month and join Experian as we provide education and resources to help light the way to financial literacy.

Experian is a long-time advocate for financial education and empowerment for consumers. As a result, we are teaming with the Jump$tart Coalition® this month to encourage people to take time to think and talk about their own money matters. We want to encourage people to take full advantage of all of the available resources designed to improve their financial literacy and well-being.


Experian Insights in the News: Big Data and Actionable Insights

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Experian is all about turning insights into action… using data for good.

Our commitment is to work with our clients, consumers, non-profits and other parties to help ensure that we, as a company and within society, continue to properly leverage big data for good.

As part of that effort, every other week we bring you Experian Insights – a round-up of news and resources highlighting how data is used for positive business, consumer and societal actions in many ways and across multiple sectors.

Experian Insights in the News

Marketing: A Primary Breeding Ground for Big Data Innovation – AdExchanger
Companies that use data to put the consumer at the center of their innovations win in the digital economy. [ReTweet]


Why Privacy Matters in a Data-Driven Economy

Posted on Mar 26 2015 by

With an ongoing shift towards a data-driven economy, many questions arise. For example, why does privacy matter and what is the role of consumer privacy in this economy?