Wil Lewis: Mentorship, Authenticity, Cultural Differences & Building an Inclusive Workplace

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In this episode, we chat with Wil Lewis, Experian’s Global Chief Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Talent Acquisition Officer, about his career journey of growing and succeeding as a DEI leader. We cover topics such as advice for those who desire mentorship, advice for leaders building a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, how to adapt to cultural differences, and more. 

Here are highlights from this conversation: 

You can also catch the full video conversation with Wil Lewis here. 

About Wil Lewis 

As Experian’s Global Chief Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Talent Acquisition Officer, Wil Lewis is leading the company’s DEI and talent acquisition strategy by driving innovation in product development, facilitating key partnerships, and building on the company’s culture of belonging to attract top talent that represents the communities in which Experian operates worldwide.

Prior to this role, Wil was a Diversity & Inclusion Executive at Bank of America. During his tenure he held several roles, including; Head of D&I for their wealth management and Consumer businesses which encompassed more than 120,000 employees, held responsibility for the firm’s Global Employee Networks, which includes more than 350 chapters with 180,000+ memberships. He also drove recruiting activity for the bank’s consumer division which includes 5,800 banking centers with 27,000+ hires a year.

Wil currently serves on the board of Disability: IN, National Disability Institute and HomeFree-USA. Additionally, he serves on the board of Centers for New Horizons, a social service agency focused on child and elder care as well as foster and adoption needs on Chicago’s south side.  Wil is a proud graduate of Drake University and resides with his family in Chicago, IL.