Using AI to Make Healthcare Universally Accessible w/ Saurabh Johri at Babylon Health (Episode 55) #DataTalk

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In this #DataTalk, we’re talked with Saurabh Johri about using AI to make healthcare universally accessible and affordable.

This data science video series is part of Experian’s effort to help people understand how data-powered decisions can help organizations develop innovative solutions.

About Saurabh Johri

Saurabh Johri is the Chief Scientist at Babylon Health.

Prior to Babylon Health, Saurabh spent five years as a post-doctoral research fellow at the MRC Centre for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling at Imperial College London. Working with the CDC and Gates Foundation, he helped develop new methods and mathematical models for estimating the transmission of poliovirus from genetic sequence data. Prior to this, he completed a PhD in population and statistical genetics at Imperial College London.

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