Empowering & Encouraging Girls to Pursue Careers in Tech w/ Kira Wetzel @GirlsPlusData (Episode 115) #DataTalk

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In this week’s #DataTalk, we chat with Kira Wetzel, Founder & Executive Director of Girls + Data about her work to empowering girls our next generation of data scientists and technologists.

In this chat, Kira shares:

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About Kira Wetzel

Kira Wetzel is the Founder and Executive Director of Girls + Data — a nonprofit dedicated to helping girls learn the skills needed to thrive in tech and data science roles through hands-on STEM workshops in data analytics and data visualization.

She also serves as a full-time Analytics Lead at Facebook AR/VR in Menlo Park, CA. Her past experience includes 10+ full lifecycle data analytics implementations, 3 training engagements as the lead trainer, and building and managing teams.

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