Using Data & Analytics in the Electric Power Industry w/ Jesson Bradshaw at Energy Ogre (Episode 150) #DataTalk

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In this week’s #DataTalk, we chat with Jesson Bradshaw, CEO and co-founder of Energy Ogre, an electricity management company based in Houston. Energy Ogre has helped over 100,000 Texans save over $150M in electricity bills since its founding in 2013. In today’s episode, Jesson discusses some of the challenges and opportunities faced in his industry, the innovative product and technology trends he’s seen in the electricity market, and how using data to predict business outcomes can lead to success. Jesson also gives advice to company leaders, which includes emphasizing the importance of being the customer’s advocate.

Video Highlights from the Conversation:

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You can also catch the full video interview here.

About Jesson Bradshaw

Jesson Bradshaw began his career in the mid 90’s trading power in the WECC, ERCOT, and SERC before taking commercial responsibility for Dynegy’s Midwest and Southeast generation portfolio. In 2003, Jesson co-founded Fulcrum Energy. Fulcrum’s focus was based upon commercially managing generation resources nationwide with a particular focus on ERCOT while having both generation assets and LSE companies in its portfolio. Following a sale of the retail businesses in 2011, Jesson co-founded Energy Ogre in 2013. Energy Ogre is an electricity agent/management company using applied technologies to secure tailor-made plans for its members. Energy Ogre manages the entire contract process, including renewals, and handles any issues that may arise—saving members time and money. Energy Ogre is a private organization headquartered in Houston with 83 employees.