Hip Hop & Data Science w/ Emily Hough-Kovacs at Spotify @EmHoughKovacs (Episode 81) #DataTalk


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In this week’s #DataTalk, we chat with Emily Hough-Kovacs, Data Scientist of Product at Spotify, about her love of data science and hip hop (and how those passions turned into a career).

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About Emily Hough-Kovacs

Emily Hough-Kovacs is a data scientist at Spotify. She is an alumnus of Metis Data Science Bootcamp from the NYC DS6 (Winter 2016) cohort. Prior to Metis, Emily worked in Business Intelligence at Tumblr. She is a proud alumna of Barnard College, the liberal arts college for women in New York City, where she studied Mathematics-Computer Science.

Beyond data science, Emily is a Nicki Minaj super fan. She also enjoys ramen noodles, working out, and learning foreign languages. Follow her on LinkedIn, Twitter and blog.

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