How Experian Partnered with BCG, EY, Microsoft & United Nations to Fight COVID-19 with Data Science w/ Marcelo Pimenta (Episode 136)

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In this episode, we learn how Marcelo Pimenta led his data science teams in São Paolo, Brazil to quickly launch a COVID Radar — a data platform to help health care organizations, universities and other global organization track and fight COVID-19. This innovative project led Experian to partner with BCG, EY, Edelman, Microsoft, United Nations, World Observatory of Human Affairs, The World Business Organization, Porter Novelli, Pacto Global, and many others.

This data science project by Experian has earned the support of countless organizations; including: Amazon, SAP, ZenDesk, Azul, Inteligov, Kiddo, Natura, Neoway, Tableau, The Body Shop, and many others.

You can catch the video of this conversation here.

Marcelo Pimenta

Marcelo Pimenta serves as Experian’s Head of DataLab in Latin America. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Universidade de São Paulo and his M.B.A. from Fundação Getulio Vargas.

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