Keys to a Woman’s Success in the Tech Industry w/ Alana Karen at Google (Episode 141) #DataTalk

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We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with a powerful woman, Alana Karen, who is not only the Director of Search Platforms at Google, but also an award-winning tech leader, speaker, and author.

Alana discusses her latest book, The Adventures of Women in Tech: How We Got Here and Why We Staywhich highlights the stories of women in the tech industry. She also showcases some of the challenges women face in the technology industry.

Some of the questions she covers in the book include:

How do women get in tech and stay in tech? How does a woman know when to stay in her career and when to leave?

This episode divulges into these topics and more, as she and Mike Delgado discuss the essential tools most useful for women as they navigate their careers in an industry that is male dominated.

Video Highlights from the Conversation:

You can also catch the full video interview here.

About Alana Karen

Alana Karen is an award-winning tech leader, author, and speaker whose work impacts many of our everyday lives.

From Google Search to Ads, Fiber to Google Grants and beyond, Alana has been leading the charge to develop, scale, build and drive team and product development that has seen rippling industry impact.

She has worked Google for nearly 20 years, and is the currently the company’s Director of Search Platforms. Alana has spoken at conferences and summits on technology, leadership, DEI, talent and innovation.

Inspired by women she knows in tech—women with diverse backgrounds, education, and ambitions—she wrote her book, The Adventures of Women in Tech: How We Got Here and Why We Stay, to fill that gap. A twenty-year tech company veteran and leader, Alana Karen brilliantly and systematically replaces what we think we know about women in tech with more than eighty women’s stories of what it’s honestly like to join, lead, and thrive in today’s top technology companies.

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