Artificial Intelligence in Court, Data Visualizations & Tech Journalism w/ Karen Hao at MIT @techreview (Episode 104) #DataTalk

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In this week’s #DataTalk, we chat with Karen Hao, AI Reporter at MIT Technology Review. Karen is an engineer, tech reporter, speaker, and fantastic visual storyteller. She has that unique ability to take very complex, meaty topics and making those ideas easier to understand

This episode of DataTalk is inspired by her latest article and data visualization for MIT Technology review about how algorithms are used to help judges determine whether a defendant should be incarcerated while awaiting trial. Karen talks about the process of researching and writing this story with her co-writer, Jonathan Stray. And she discusses her approach to making this story more impactful with an interactive data visualization.

In this episode, Karen also shares:

About Karen Hao

Karen Hao is the artificial intelligence reporter for MIT Technology Review. In particular she covers the ethics and social impact of the technology as well as its applications for social good.

She also writes the AI newsletter, The Algorithm, which thoughtfully examines the field’s latest news and research. Prior to joining the publication, she was a reporter and data scientist at Quartz and an application engineer at the first startup to spin out of Google X.

She’s also created clever and creative visualizations to explain artificial intelligence and machine learning using hand-written flow charts composed on the back of envelopes.

Follow her on LinkedIn, Twitter and GitHub.

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