How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Online Shopping w/ Nick Zhu (Episode 28) #DataTalk

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In our recent #DataTalk, we chatted with Nick Zhu about how artificial intelligence is transforming e-commerce.

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About Nick Zhu

Nick Qi Zhu is the co-founder and CTO at and yroo. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in Economics from Shanghai University and a Master degree in Computer Science. Before founding, Nick has spent the last decade working as an independent consultant and later on joining ThoughtWorks as lead consultant for their Canadian practice. In his professional career, he has found his passion and specialization in distribution computing, language design, machine learning and data mining. In his spare time, he contributes to variety of opensource projects including the creation of a popular multi-dimensional data visualization library – dc.js. He is also the author of multiple books and video courses on data mining and visualization.

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