How to Tackle Student Loan Debt

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The Twitter panel included:

  • Sallie Mae: Helping Students and Families Pay for College
  • Ashley Hill: Scholarship Search Strategist
  • Inceptia: Non-Profit Org Focused on Higher Education Access
  • CordiaGrad: Helping Grads Take Control of Student Loans

The video panel included: Carissa Uhlman – Vice President of Student Success at InceptiaAshley Hill: Scholarship Search Strategist;  Rod Griffin– Director of Public Education at Experian and Mike Delgado– Social Media Community Manager at Experian.

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Questions We Discussed:

  • Q1: What should students know before taking a college loan?
  • Q2: What are easy mistakes to make when applying or taking out student loans?
  • Q3: How can college students reduce the amount of loans they’ll need?
  • Q4: What tips do you have for college grads trying to figure out their finances?
  • Q5: How do you balance paying off student loan debt while trying to save and/or invest?
  • Q6: What are some ways to pay off a student loan faster?
  • Q7: What should you do if you’re having trouble paying your student loans?
  • Q8: What are pros and cons of student loan consolidation programs?
  • Q9: Any final tips for paying off student loan debt?

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