How to Improve Search Visibility with Content Marketing

By Jayson Demers

Online marketing is changing. Over the last couple years, we’ve witnessed the rise of content marketing. Sure, content marketing is nothing new; but it’s reached fever pitch in 2014, and is now a buzzword for online marketers across nearly every industry.

By now, most marketers know what content marketing is. But the question many marketers are asking right now is, “How do I implement an effective content marketing strategy?” I’ve written several articles that are designed to help marketers walk through the steps required to do exactly that.

Here are some great resources to get started:

Additionally, I’ve published an entire chapter of resources on content marketing within the resources section of my website.

These resources are a great starting point for any marketer looking to launch their content marketing initiative. But for marketers looking to take it a step further, I answered nine great questions on this week’s Experian #MarketingChat.

My hope is that marketers get value and insight from my answers, so that they can refine and improve their existing content strategies.

Check out the #MarketingChat:

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