How to Use Video Effectively for Your Business

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This week, we had a chance to chat with Elise Ramsay — Community Manger at Wistia  — about ways companies can leverage video to achieve their business goals. Elise shared her insights on video strategy, storytelling, video shooting and editing tips, as well as ways businesses can test and measure video engagement.

Resources Mentioned:

Questions we covered:

Q1. Why is video an effective marketing tool?
Q2. What are some effective ways video can be used on a website?
Q3. What companies are using video successfully to promote their brand?
Q4. Is there an ideal length of time that video content should be?
Q5. Should businesses try to create a viral video? Why or why not?
Q6. What mistakes do some businesses make when creating videos?
Q7. Is a video series more engaging than a stand-alone video?
Q8. How much should companies budget for video promotion?
Q9. Is there a direct link between video content and sales?

Highlights from the tweetchat: