Dating on a Budget

This week we talked build relationships while saving money. Our panel included: Yvonne Chase: Certified Dating & Relationship Coach at YvonneChase.comEvan Marc Katz: Dating Coach at EvanMarcKatz.comRod Griffin– Director of Public Education at Experian and Mike Delgado– Social Media Community Manager at Experian.

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Questions We Discussed:

  • Q1: Do you have favorite frugal (or expensive) dating story to share?
  • Q2: What items should be included in your dating budget?
  • Q3: How do you explain you’re on a budget (without coming across as cheap)?
  • Q4: How do you detect if the person you’re dating is financially responsible?
  • Q5: What’s the line between frugal and cheap on a date?
  • Q6: What are some fun dating ideas that won’t break the bank?
  • Q7: When dating someone, when is it appropriate to talk about money?
  • Q8: What websites or apps can you use to find deals on dinner or outings?
  • Q9: Any final tips on how to impress your date on a tight budget?

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