Black History Month: Let’s Talk Business Credit and Ways to Support and Invest in Minority-Owned Businesses

Our weekly #CreditChat started in 2012 to help our community learn about credit and important personal finance topics (e.g. saving money, paying down debt, improving credit scores). Each chat is hosted by @Experian on X (formerly Twitter) and all are welcome to participate. DM us any questions.

Join us for a special #CreditChat as we celebrate Black History Month! Let’s delve into the world of business credit and explore ways to support and invest in minority-owned businesses. This is an opportunity to learn, connect, and make a difference. Don’t miss out on this empowering discussion!

Topic: Black History Month: Let’s Talk Business Credit and Ways to Support and Invest in Minority-Owned Businesses

When: Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 3 p.m. ET.

Where: Join the live hashtag discussion

The panel will include: Anthony Copeman: CEO of Financial Lituation and Equity is the New Black; Anthony Weaver: Founder of; Anna N’Jie-Konte, CFP®: President of Re-Envision Wealth and host of the Financial Powerhouse Podcast; April Stewart: Founder & CEO of April The Money Coach; Tiffany Grant MBA, AFC®, SHRM-CP: Financial Wellness Curator and Founder of Money Talk With Tiff; Beverly Harzog: Credit Card Expert, Bestselling Author, columnist and podcast host at; Rod Griffin: Senior Director, Consumer Education and Advocacy, Experian; Jennifer White: Consumer Education and Advocacy Team, and Christina Roman: Consumer Education and Advocacy Manager at Experian.

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Questions we will discuss:

  1. What is business credit, and why is it important for entrepreneurs to establish business credit?
  2. Why is it important to keep business credit separate from personal credit?
  3. What are some effective strategies for Black and minority-owned businesses to build business credit and how can they use it to secure financing for their ventures?
  4. What are some challenges that Black-owned businesses face when establishing and building business credit?
  5. Can you share any resources or educational programs that are tailored to help minority entrepreneurs establish their business and navigate the complexities of business credit and financing?
  6. How can consumers use their purchasing power to consume from and invest in Black-owned businesses?
  7. What ways can financial institutions and lenders better support Black-owned businesses?
  8. How can you find Black and minority-owned businesses to support?
  9. When it comes to business credit, what are some misconceptions or myths that minority entrepreneurs should be aware of, and how can they overcome these obstacles?
  10. How can we collectively work toward creating a more inclusive and equitable ecosystem for minority entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed in the business world?

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