Reshaping the Future of Financial Services with Experian Ascend Technology Platform

Published: May 22, 2024 by Alex Lintner

The challenge for financial institutions today is to understand the individuals who are applying for credit and to provide everyone with equitable opportunity to gain access to credit, provided they are an acceptable risk. In my current role as CEO of Experian Software Solutions, I am often reminded of my own journey as an immigrant to America who had to navigate the tests and complexities of establishing my financial identity and eligibility. I understand firsthand how inefficiencies caused in part by fragmented software systems have led to inflated costs, extended timelines, and elevated risks for financial institutions around the globe. Not to mention the profound impact this approach can have on consumers.

At Experian, we recognize the need for change, which is why we developed Experian Ascend Technology Platform™— an innovative solution designed to integrate critical functionalities seamlessly. Already, more than 1,500 clients globally are leveraging the platform, processing millions of transactions daily.

Today, we’re unveiling new enhancements to the platform that bring together software tools for analytics, credit decisioning and fraud into a single interface — simplifying the deployment of analytical models and enabling businesses to optimize their practices more frequently, achieving greater efficacy with lower investment of time and money.

Why does this matter?

Well, consider the challenges faced by businesses, especially in the financial sector, when it comes to integrating various software solutions. “Complicated spaghetti” is what executives from some of the largest global banks have called it in conversations with me. Historically, achieving a synchronized experience across different tools and applications has been elusive to the industry. This fragmented approach not only stretches timelines unnecessarily but also raises security concerns and increases operational challenges and costs.

Our enhanced platform addresses these pain points head-on. It dramatically reduces time to value while eliminating compliance risks and offers streamlined access to Experian’s suite of integrated solutions and tools through a single sign-on and user-friendly, harmonized user interface. Moreover, it leverages generative AI to facilitate seamless automation, modernization, and efficiency across organizations of all sizes and experience levels without compromising human checks and controls.

Our platform brings together worldclass Experian data, partner data and our clients’ data with the software in one environment. There is no other platform on the market that offers the level of sophisticated integrations we do or that can “turn on” new solutions as quickly. To put it simply, it’s a revolution for this industry.

By combining analytics, decision-making, and fraud detection into a single platform, we’re simplifying operations, enhancing security, and accelerating time to value for financial institutions worldwide.

Let me give you an example. Lendr, a specialized fintech offering financing solutions for small businesses, has experienced firsthand the platform’s transformative impact on agility, competitiveness, and informed decision-making. In fact, over the last year, the platform has already helped Lendr double their business.

Our journey to developing the platform wasn’t easy. It has required years of strategic collaboration with many of our most sophisticated clients, significant investments in technology, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. But the result is a platform that is revolutionizing the financial services industry and paving the way for a more inclusive, secure, and seamless financial future for all.

As we continue this journey of transformation, I’m excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. With our integrated platform, we’re not just transforming the industry—we’re empowering individuals and institutions to thrive.

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