Unlocking the Power of Purpose with Transaction Data

Published: May 21, 2024 by Ashley Knight

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From renting a first apartment, buying a family vehicle or purchasing a home – credit can unlock significant opportunities for consumers. Yet, financial exclusion affects millions of people around the world, limiting access to the basic tools needed for personal and economic growth.

At Experian, we’re committed to changing this dynamic, but our journey towards financial inclusion and creating equitable access to credit is more than just a mission statement; it’s ingrained in our DNA. It is our purpose and is reflected in every innovation we introduce.

Whether it’s our Experian Lift family of credit scores, which can improve access to credit for nearly 50 million credit invisible and thin-file consumers, or Experian Boost which empowers consumers to self-report various bill payments to enhance their credit profiles – each initiative is a steppingstone towards realizing our purpose and helping consumers live more financially empowered lives.

A consumer’s credit report is the most effective means to assess lending risk. However, we believe transaction data, including checking and savings account information, plays a crucial role in advancing financial inclusion and provides a more comprehensive and accurate view of an individual’s financial profile, particularly for thin file and credit invisible consumers, when layered with traditional credit report data. We also know 71% of consumers would be willing to share access to their banking information if doing so could improve their likelihood of getting approved for credit.[1]

To support this, we’ve reached a meaningful milestone with the launch of Experian Cashflow Attributes™. Now, lenders who have proper consent to leverage consumer transaction data in decision-making, can tap into over 900 income, cashflow and affordability attributes from Experian across the customer lifecycle – which can provide a more accurate view of consumers’ financial health. By incorporating banking transaction insights into decisions, organizations can expand opportunities while mitigating risks.

We are focused on making cashflow data more accessible with the proper consent while ensuring consumers are empowered and maintain control over their data. By leveraging banking transaction information, organizations can create opportunities for new and existing customers that might not have otherwise been possible.

As we look ahead, we will continue to invest in open banking technologies, capabilities and introduce modern solutions that will help bring financial power to all.

[1] Experian commissioned Atomik Research to conduct an online survey of 2,005 adults throughout the United States. The makeup of the sample is representative of the U.S. population based on national census data regarding demographic variables such as gender, age and geographical regions. The margin of error for the overall sample is +/- 2 percentage points with a confidence level of 95 percent. Fieldwork took place between March 17 and March 21, 2024.

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