Live with Bloomberg – How Experian is Uniquely Positioned to Champion Generative A.I.

October 11, 2023 by Kathleen Peters

Generative A.I. is rapidly transforming every industry as we know it and introduces a whole new world of opportunity and risk. At Experian, we already have many years of experience in machine learning, neural network embedding and artificial intelligence. Because of this, we’re established as a trusted leader in the space and are uniquely positioned to champion the ethical, responsible and compliant use of generative A.I. We manage the risk while advancing the opportunity.

This was one of the key themes emerging from a recent panel discussion for Bloomberg’s Intelligent Automation Event in London that I participated in with Thomas Duecke, COO, Digital at BT Group, Marc Palmer, CTO at T-Systems and Amy Thomson, Bloomberg’s EMEA Technology Team Leader.

At Experian, we support the responsible use of generative A.I. to accelerate new product offerings, drive operational productivity, increase financial inclusion, and foster an adaptive approach to using the technology.

I’m personally very passionate about this as my team is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that enable clients to better automate processes across a variety of use cases including fraud prevention, lending and process optimization.

We’re always looking for new data-driven solutions that can create meaningful change for consumers around the world. That’s why our teams are focused on advancements through generative A.I. and identifying use cases across many aspects of our internal operations as well as within our customer-facing portfolio of products and services.

We’re encouraged by the opportunities generative A.I. can facilitate when it comes to productivity. It can allow us to automate processes that are mundane or labor-intensive and enable employees to focus more of their time and energy on creative decision making, problem solving, and more effective collaboration.

We’ll continue to leverage our expertise and knowledge in broader intelligence fields to uncover the opportunities this next chapter will provide for our business, clients and consumers.

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