Experian DataLabs Named Top Tech Awards Winner

Published: September 17, 2021 by Editor

Every day at Experian, we are investing in new technologies, talented employees and innovation to help all of our clients maximize every opportunity we have to offer. We are honored the work performed under Eric Haller in our DataLabs received the San Diego Top Tech Awards of 2021. The awards honor technology executives who truly stand out by innovating.

In 2010, Experian DataLabs was established to develop and drive creation of innovative products generated from breakthrough experimentation leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics and data assets from a variety of sources across Experian’s businesses in 37 countries. Eric originally pitched the idea of DataLabs and received funding for 8 people to begin the first lab in San Diego. Since then, Experian DataLabs has expanded its labs to London, Sao Paulo and Singapore. New products developed in the labs cover mobile, payments, consumer & commercial credit, fraud, targeted marketing & healthcare.

During the last year and a half, Eric and his team continue to develop offerings and create new technologies to support the community. In May 2020, in conjunction with the company’s healthcare business, Experian DataLabs developed a free interactive heat map of geographic populations at-risk of being most susceptible to developing severe cases of COVID-19. The Experian COVID-19 Outlook and Response Evaluator (CORE) tool is guiding healthcare organizations and government agencies with planning for the “new normal” and COVID-19 recovery.

In addition, Experian DataLabs develop other important initiatives such as the Covid Radar in Brazil to help people, small businesses and governments. Produced in collaboration with 50 organizations, including the United Nations, Amazon, SAP and the University of Sao Paulo, COVID Radar helps the coalition track where supplies are needed most. The coalition delivered tools, equipment, PPE and other supplies to Brazil’s most vulnerable zones. The second part of the initiative focused on aggregating and analyzing the data to create forecasting models that allowed researchers to track various key indicators that has helped dictate what officials should do with lockdowns and provide data around ICU beds and assess what the demand is.

As part of Experian’s culture of innovation, Eric inspires his team to innovate due to his inclusive nature, openness, and willingness to listen to new ideas. The AI and revolutionary technology that Experian DataLabs is utilizing is enabling the company to continuously fuel new projects in its pipeline and turn ideas like the COVID Radar and the CORE heat map into a reality faster than ever before.

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