Results Were Strong, Our Commitment To Helping Consumers Even Stronger

Published: May 15, 2019 by Editor

FY19 proved to be a great year for Experian – one of our best ever.  We just announced results, with organic revenue growth of 9%.  But that is only part of our story.

Behind the company’s success is a strategy that puts consumers first. We have looked to respond to the challenge of financial exclusion around the world, by using data and innovation to bring more people into the mainstream financial system.

And we have responded to rapid digitisation of the world by helping organisations of all shapes and sizes to respond and adapt, all through the power of data.

Fintech and digital disruption have revolutionised the way people engage with their finances. At Experian we help to speed up applications for credit, check for fraudulent impersonators and improve access to credit at fair and affordable rates.

During the course of this financial year, we delivered some major and exciting milestones in our markets:

  • In North America, we launched Experian Boost, an industry-first, game changing offer that is reshaping the credit landscape by putting individuals in control of their credit score.
  • In the UK, we are introducing a range of new innovations, Ascend, Credit 3D and Experian One, which deploy our advanced analytics, predictive data and SaaS-based platforms. We were the first in our industry to be granted approval to supply Open Banking and PSD2 services by the Financial Conduct Authority and we have rolled out new services which help to assess whether loans are affordable.
  • In Asia Pacific, we are building out our data Marketplaces with our strategic investment and partnerships with C88 in Indonesia and Jirnexu in Malaysia. This move will help to increase levels of financial inclusion in the region by improving matching to eligible credit products.
  • In South Africa, we agreed to the acquisition of Compuscan, which will mean we are better positioned to serve the people and businesses of Africa and be an enabler of growth in consumer and business credit, identity management and financial inclusion.

To sum up, the financial performance is strong.  Our commitment to using data and analytics to help consumers, businesses and society at large is even stronger.

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