New Experian Activation Partners Program Helps Advertisers Reach Audiences More Effectively

August 28, 2018 by Patrick Workman

In our increasingly digital world, there’s a growing expectation among consumers to only receive personal and relevant content from brands. However, with the proliferation of devices, delivering on this expectation is becoming more of a challenge. It’s more difficult than ever for advertisers to understand their audience and reach them across all marketing channels. But, Experian is here to help.

We recently announced our activation partners program –  a natural next step in our commitment to helping brands uncover the right audience segments and deliver advertising campaigns that resonate with consumers. We’re teaming up with marketing technology leaders such as 4C, Adaptly, Brand Networks, Kenshoo, SocialCode and Unified to help brands deliver relevant content.

Through the activation partners program, marketers can leverage their own first-party data, third-party data from Experian’s ConsumerViewSM marketing database, or a combination of the two, to build audience segments and optimize campaigns. Then, they can work with any of the marketing technology partners to deliver personalized advertisements to people across any marketing channel — including social media, television and mobile, as well as all major media organizations. This program helps brands unlock the power of data and technology to make the right marketing decisions and better connect with individuals.

And with more than 30 years in the advertising business, consumer privacy is at the heart of what we do and the way we work. We remain vigilant when it comes to data security and integrity, including our own commitment to strict standards regarding permissible uses of data.

Ultimately, partnerships like this help move the industry forward. We know the advertising industry is evolving and we see this as an opportunity for continuous innovation. As always, our goal is to bring that innovation and power to brands through the solutions—and partnerships—we create.

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