Data & Marketing Association (DMA) Appoints Experian’s Steve Wagner to its Executive Committee

November 4, 2016 by Editor

Steve WagnerExperian’s Group President of Marketing Services Steve Wagner was recently named Secretary of the Data & Marketing Association’s (DMA) Executive Committee. Elected at the 2016 &THEN global conference hosted in Los Angeles, Wagner joins a group of C-suite level executives from marketing brands, agencies, tech companies, data companies and media companies who serve as DMA Officers and Board members.

This coalition of partners is focused on elevating DMA’s mission to champion deeper consumer engagement and business values through the innovative and responsible use of data-driven marketing.

Wagner’s election to the executive committee is a reflection of the importance of understanding insights gleaned from big data, which work to power opportunities for marketers to better reach their target audiences.

“Unleashing the power of data to drive decision-making is now more critical than ever before in targeted marketing,” said Wagner. “Experian uses big data to help build healthy, robust businesses that better understand their customers’ unique needs and interests, and use that intelligence to predict trends and plan for the future.”

When DMA launched in 1917, it united a small group of marketers in Chicago to fight postal regulations. Today, DMA is comprised of data scientists, data technologists, data-inspired designers, creative experts and data-driven marketers, and boasts a network of more than 1,400 member companies representing nearly 100,000 members and participants. In his expanded role, Wagner will work alongside this like-minded group of individuals who are committed to powering opportunities through data.

Wagner joined the DMA Board of Directors in April 2016. In addition to his new role as Secretary, he now acts as Chairman of the nominating committee for new DMA board members.

The marketing industry is better understanding how to leverage big data as an increasingly vital tool. Being the trade body for the industry, DMA’s shifted focus to data-driven marketing is a recognition of that transition in the marketing industry which views data as an expanding resource to identify and fulfill customer’s needs and interests in a way that improves their lives—seamlessly and efficiently. Recently, along with announcing Wagner’s appointment, DMA rebranded itself with the growing role of data in marketing and advertising, from the Direct Marketing Association to the Data & Marketing Association.

At Experian, we view data as a powerful key that unlocks endless opportunities for the future. We know that by unlocking the power of data, we can help marketers better reach their audience and maximize every opportunity while exposing consumers to products that suit their lifestyle.

Wagner’s appointment to the Executive Committee of the Data & Marketing Association reflects the increasingly important role that data plays in the marketing industry, as well as the leading role that Experian is playing to help transform the industry.