What the Future Could Look Like When Consumers Walk into a Retail Store

May 17, 2016 by Michael Troncale

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Experian DataLabs in North America and Gimbal, Inc., a leading mobile engagement and location intelligence solution, are working together on breakthrough data and advanced analytics experiments. By leveraging Gimbal’s suite of macro-location geofencing and micro-location beacons, these findings could help retailers offer instant credit to customers as soon as they walk into a store, as well as give creditors the ability to prequalify their customers on demand for car and home purchases based on the location of their mobile devices.

“In our lab, we are working on what the future could look like when consumers walk into a retail store, shop for a car or find their dream house,” said Eric Haller, executive vice president, Experian Global DataLabs. “This alliance with Gimbal is one example of how Experian is on the forefront of innovation and doing good things with data.”

Experian’s new state-of-the-art DataLabs facility in San Diego, Calif., is outfitted with Gimbal industry-leading beacons to help Experian’s data scientists use breakthrough experiments to analyze data and deliver greater competitive advantages.

“We are excited to work with a global data-driven company like Experian to utilize the rich location data our solution creates,” said Brian Dunphy, senior vice president of business development at Gimbal. “Further, it is great to be part of a collaboration effort that could enable Experian’s clients to offer mobile instant credit and prequalification to their customers once they’ve opted in, further helping to make their customers’ journey much simpler by leveraging their mobile devices and smart applications enabled by the Gimbal platform.”

Experian DataLabs is staffed by teams of Ph.D. scientists and applied research practitioners with expertise in advanced analytics and modeling, as well as other statistical methods. The labs provide access to Experian resources such as broad, secure consumer and commercial credit data and demographics, which can guide Experian clients in determining their approach. Projects often tackle high-dimensionality problems where computer science, applied mathematics and business acumen intersect to create solutions that can be implemented cost-effectively.

Experian DataLabs operates globally with labs in San Diego, Calif.; London, England; and São Paulo, Brazil. To find out more about Experian’s data innovations and the Experian DataLabs, please visit http://www.experian.com/big-data/datalabs.html.

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