Experian Insights in the News: Big Data and Actionable Insights

March 27, 2015 by Michael Delgado

Experian is all about turning insights into action… using data for good.

Our commitment is to work with our clients, consumers, non-profits and other parties to help ensure that we, as a company and within society, continue to properly leverage big data for good.

As part of that effort, every other week we bring you Experian Insights – a round-up of news and resources highlighting how data is used for positive business, consumer and societal actions in many ways and across multiple sectors.

Experian Insights in the News

Marketing: A Primary Breeding Ground for Big Data Innovation – AdExchanger
Companies that use data to put the consumer at the center of their innovations win in the digital economy. [ReTweet]

Small Business Momentum Bodes Well – BankingExchange.com
Gaining insights into small business data can help banks take the right action when extending credit.  [ReTweet]

Why Privacy Matters in a Data-Driven Economy – Experian Blog
@ExperianMKt releases white paper on why privacy matters in a data-driven economy. [ReTweet]

If Only You Could Improve Your Credit Just by Paying Rent & UtilitiesRealtor.com
97% of study participants had a credit score increase or neutral impact after adding utility data to credit report. [ReTweet]

Data-Driven Companies Need a Foundation in Data Quality – Experian Blog
95% of global companies feel the drive to turn data into insight, but lack quality data. [ReTweet]

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