Bare Necessities selects the Experian Marketing Suite as the platform to take its marketing to the next level

Published: January 13, 2015 by Scott Anderson

Partnership with Experian Marketing Services will help Bare Necessities offer its customers a more seamless and rewarding experience across touch-points, including call-center support and email communications

Bare Necessities, the largest online specialty retailer of women’s and men’s branded and designer intimate apparel and lingerie, entered into an agreement with Experian Marketing Services, a recognized leader in data-driven marketing, that will help the retailer better understand and engage with its customers. Using the Experian Marketing Suite, Bare Necessities has the ability to plan, manage, execute and optimize all of its customer interactions in real time across any channel, all from within a single system.

“Customers choose Bare Necessities because we offer them a better way to buy bras,” said Noah Wrubel, cofounder and chief executive officer, Bare Necessities. “The Experian Marketing Suite will help us take that customer experience to the next level, a more personal level, and meet our customers’ expectations each and every time, regardless of the channel.”

Experian Marketing Services’ awarding-winning platform integrates customer data from any source and channel into an always-fresh central repository so that responses and behaviors can be recorded in real time and immediately leveraged for more effective targeting, triggering and personalization of marketing campaigns. Comprised of three core capabilities, the Experian Marketing Suite is designed to help marketers identify their customers (Identity Manger), understand their customers (Intelligence Manager) and engage with their customers across channels (Interactions Manager). For example, the Interactions Manager is powering Bare Necessities’ granular segmentation strategy, giving the company the ability to target and deliver customer communications, such as email and direct mail, based on a customer’s unique body type, the products and brands he or she loves and how he or she likes to shop.

Wrubel continued, “Bare Necessities customers don’t need to worry about awkward dressing rooms and overly anxious sales people when they are shopping for intimate apparel; they can just visit our site, call our bra-fit experts or chat with us online. One of the things that we’re most excited about in working with Experian is that we can give our bra-fit experts and customer-service staff access to the Interactions Manager within the Experian Marketing Suite. This capability allows us to have better conversations with our customers from the very beginning and remove any anxiety from the experience altogether.”

Backed by the industry’s highest-rated client-services team, the Experian Marketing Suite is built with the scale and flexibility to support digital programs of any size and sophistication. Experian Marketing Services’ 30 years of data and marketing technology leadership have helped to position the Experian’s Marketing Suite as the world’s most flexible and comprehensive marketing solution with more than 10,000 of the world’s leading brands, in more than 30 countries, using the platform.

For more information about Experian Marketing Suite, visit: http://bit.ly/1z0TpJr.

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