Experian Provides Consumers with Helpful Resources

April 3, 2012 by Jeremy Hancock

Many consumers simply do not understand what a credit report, credit score or id theft is until they have either been denied a loan or fallen victim to fraud.

As part of Experian’s Live Credit Smart program, the company offers consumers information on the specific areas that they need to Live Credit Smart:

Credit Reports: What is a credit report? How can consumers check their report? How can consumers dispute inaccurate information in their report? Credit report information can be found here.

Credit Scores: Consumers usually have a number of questions about credit scores.  Is there only one credit score?  What impacts a credit score? How do lenders determine whether a score is good?  How can I improve my credit score?  Consumers can find more information on credit scores here.

Fraud Prevention: Identity Theft and fraud are real concerns for consumers and they usually have questions about the steps they can take to protect themselves.  Experian provides information on important tips consumers can use, such as the importance of credit monitoring and also how to place a security freeze on their credit file.  More information on Fraud and ID Theft can be found here.

Photo: Shutterstock