Introducing Experian Third-Party Onboarding

Published: June 11, 2024 by Scott Kozub

Discover Experian's all new Third-Party Onboarding.

At Experian, we power data-driven advertising through connectivity. Today, we’re excited to introduce our newest offering, which drives that connectivity: Experian Third-Party Onboarding. This new capability empowers third-party data providers by streamlining the monetization of their audiences through Experian’s expansive network of over 20 programmatic, social, and TV platforms.

Data onboarding typically presents challenges, including complicated integration processes, limited ID matching capabilities, and opaque pricing structures, all compounded by less-than-ideal customer service. Experian Third-Party Onboarding eliminates the common barriers in the onboarding process and leaves users with a simple yet powerful solution for data providers to increase the adoption of their audiences and maximize their revenue.

A leap forward in data connectivity

Experian Third-Party Onboarding builds upon the investment and infrastructure used to distribute Experian’s own audience segments. Notably, in 2020, we began the transformation of moving away from third-party partners to using our own direct connections for audience distribution. Compared to the competition, Experian’s Third-Party Onboarding capabilities offers data providers:

  • Enhanced programmatic addressability: 50% increase in programmatic addressability compared to the competition.
  • Superior CTV addressability: As a top identity partner in TV, we provide a 73% increase in CTV addressability as compared to the competition.
  • Vast digital reach: Approximately 3.8B digital IDs that are active and addressable on a weekly basis.

The first data providers to use Experian’s third-party onboarding capabilities are Adentro, Kontext, L2, and Webbula.

“Moving beyond cookie-only third-party onboarding solutions is critical for our users in the age of cookie deprecation, and Experian’s identity capabilities do that. Experian’s match rates and speed to turn around audiences to a large number of platforms is critical for our political buyers during this very busy campaign season.”

paul westcott, evp, l2

Benefits to Experian Third-Party Onboarding

Experian’s unique onboarding process enhances current capabilities and sets new benchmarks in the industry. The comprehensive benefits of Experian’s Third-Party Onboarding include:

  • Future-proof your addressability: With Experian’s advanced digital and offline identity capabilities embedded within this new onboarding solution, user audiences will automatically be expanded to a deep set of identifiers (e.g., CTV IDs, MAIDs, IPs, UID2s, ID5s, and more) to ensure scale and maximum addressability.
  • Seize the CTV opportunity: Tap into the explosive growth of connected TV (CTV), the fastest-growing major ad channel in the U.S., with connectivity to more than ten TV destinations.
  • Simple pricing structure: Straightforward revenue-share pricing structure free of hidden costs, ensuring clarity and trust in all financial dealings.
  • Streamlined reporting: Gain valuable insights with self-service reporting available within days of receiving data from the platform. Drive growth and adoption with faster reporting, allowing you to track usage by segment, advertiser, or destination effortlessly.
  • Efficiency and support: A self-service, user-friendly interface gives you control over taxonomy field names, CPMs, and destinations. It is complemented by a dedicated account team, which reduces the burden on user resources and guarantees a seamless experience from onboarding to activation to reporting.
  • Support for syndicated and custom audiences: Seamlessly onboard bulk syndicated audience taxonomies and custom audiences to programmatic, social, and TV platforms through our existing integrations.

“Both activation platforms and data providers familiar with our world-class identity capabilities and top-notch service have proactively asked Experian to provide third-party onboarding services. After listening carefully to how we can improve upon their current setup, we are excited to bring a solution to the market that directly addresses their needs.”

scott kozub, vp, product management, experian

Stay ahead of the curve

Maintaining a competitive edge with your data is no longer optional; it’s imperative. Experian Third-Party Onboarding arms users with advanced connectivity, unparalleled data expertise, and thorough support, positioning them at the forefront of industry innovations.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about Experian Third-Party Onboarding and how it can make your data go further.

Read the AdExchanger press release about Third-Party Onboarding

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