Unlock omnichannel advertising performance through Experian’s 2,400+ syndicated audiences within the Flashtalking platform

March 28, 2024 by Experian Marketing Services

Experian's syndicated audiences are available within the Flashtalking platform

In the ever-evolving and soon-to-be cookieless advertising world, brands and agencies need help finding and maintaining access to accurate and comprehensive marketing data that enables them to reach the audience segments that matter most. Flashtalking by Mediaocean and Experian have a collaboration in place to do just that. Through this partnership, Experian’s more than 2,400 syndicated audiences are available for activation within the Flashtalking platform and its Social Ads Manager.

“There are a lot of audience segments and data disappearing within the advertising industry right now because of the deprecation of third-party cookies, but Experian’s syndicated audiences are built for this new privacy-first world. Through this partnership, Flashtalking’s clients gain access to some of the industry’s most actionable on-the-shelf and custom audience capabilities for activation and targeting across the publishers and social platforms that matter most. It’s as easy as identifying the segments that matter to your brand and activating them everywhere they exist with a few simple clicks.”

– Ben Kartzman, COO, Flashtalking by Mediaocean

This partnership unites the power of Flashtalking’s best-in-class independent omnichannel advertising platform with Experian’s comprehensive audience intelligence, which spans 126 million households and 250 million consumers.

“For the same reason that brands are investing more deeply in first-party data in the wake of third-party cookie deprecation, having access to the right audience segments has never been more important. Mediaocean offers access to the only independent ad server that’s powering truly omnichannel, personalized experiences, and we’re thrilled to be amplifying their ability to do that through Experian’s expansive audience segments.”

– Colleen Dawe, Director, Sell-Side Sales, Experian

The Flashtalking Social Ads Manager has long-standing relationships and technical integrations with all major platforms, including Facebook, Google Demand Gen, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snap, TikTok, and a forthcoming integration with Reddit. Experian data can be deployed through custom and syndicated segments within these platforms, providing clients with both reach and precision.

The power of the Experian – Flashtalking collaboration

Benefits to marketing organizations that tap Experian data and audience segments via the Flashtalking platform include the following:

  • A unified customer view: Marketers can use Experian’s comprehensive data within Flashtalking to create a unified view of the customer across multiple channels. This helps craft cohesive marketing strategies that deliver consistent messages, enhancing customer experiences and brand perception.
  • Enhanced targeting and personalization: Marketers can access Experian’s detailed audience segmentation and insights within Flashtalking to target campaigns effectively. They can personalize messages at scale based on demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data to increase engagement and conversion rates across all channels.
  • Optimized cross-channel strategies: With Flashtalking’s cross-channel capabilities, marketers can integrate Experian’s insights to understand how different segments interact with various channels. This enables the design of optimized cross-channel strategies that cater to the preferences and behaviors of different audiences.
  • Data-driven decision-making: This partnership combines Experian’s in-depth consumer insights with Flashtalking’s analytics and reporting tools to help marketers make informed decisions. This data-driven approach can improve campaign performance, optimize media spend, and reveal untapped market opportunities.
  • Local market activation: Marketers can also use Experian’s geographic and location-based data within Flashtalking to tailor campaigns to local markets. This localized approach can enhance relevance and response rates, providing a competitive edge in regional marketing efforts.
  • Improved media efficiency: This collaboration also enables organizations to harness the power of Experian’s data within Flashtalking to improve media planning and buying. They can identify the most effective channels and timeframes for reaching specific audiences, leading to more efficient and cost-effective media investments.

Why choose Experian in Flashtalking

For over 50 years, we have been a trusted single-source provider of data management solutions. Our expertise in offline and digital identity has enabled us to curate data from over 200 direct and active sources, offering a comprehensive view of consumers with granularity, accuracy and scale. Using this data, we can craft our syndicated audiences to cover many verticals and specialty categories.

For example, a Flashtalking client in the automotive industry can supercharge its campaign efforts. Experian has found that automotive advertisers build segmentation using four major data categories:

  1. Automotive
  2. Demographics
  3. Lifestyles and Interests
  4. Retail Shoppers: Purchase-Based

Directly within the Flashtalking platform, multiple syndicated audiences from Experian in each major data category specific to automotive are available that brands and agencies can activate on-the-shelf to reach consumers with targeted messaging and retargeting.

Experian and Flashtalking are future-proofing advertising

Together, Flashtalking and Experian will ensure advertisers can continue to deliver personalized, relevant, and impactful messages and experiences to consumers despite ongoing shifts within the data-driven marketing landscape, including the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome. This partnership offers greater access to audience segments built on privacy-safe insights with expansive reach, scale, and flexibility.

Connect with us to learn more about how you can access Experian’s syndicated audiences through Flashtalking by Mediaocean.

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