#JoinTheConversation with Brad Bostic, CEO of HC1

April 19, 2017 by Experian Health

Brad-Bostic-JTC-Post-768x768Earlier this year, Experian Health joined forces with hc1.com to empower companies to recapture lost revenue, control costs and better serve patients. At HIMSS17, Brad Bostic, CEO of HC1 sat down with IntrepidNOW’s Joe Lavelle to discuss this and healthcare industry trends. Excerpt below:

“…our customers has really span medical laboratories, health systems and post-acute care providers. And the common challenge that these organizations face is that they’re so intensely focused on their internal clinical quality and processes and how do you code for things to make sure that they can get billed, that it’s difficult for them to rise up to the level of truly seeing the full picture of what they’re doing with their customers, and understanding holistically where do I have areas that I need to focus to be able to perform better financially?

…what we’ve done is we’ve really built this partnership to bring healthcare relationship management together with the best of Experian Health’s products in the eCare NEXT and payer alerts areas, and what eCare NEXT and payer alerts do in combination with our HIPAA compliant HC1 platform is that we’re able to bring this level of financial risk stratification to the picture, so that if I’m a lab I can see across all the different providers that are referring to me and all the different patients that are flowing through, where are the places where I might be exposed to where I might not get reimbursed? And it’s doing this on the front end of the process rather than having it be an unpleasant surprise later on in the process that you haven’t gotten paid.”

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