Experian Health to help providers with consumerism at HFMA

Published: June 6, 2018 by Experian Health

Experian Health will be at HFMA ANI again this year–booth 1025–at the Venetian-Palazzo Sands Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kristen Simmons, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Innovation, Consumer Experience, and Marketing, with Experian Health, chatted with Joe Lavelle of IntrepidNOW to provide her insights on this year’s HFMA ANI conference, consumerism in healthcare and much more! Excerpt below:

Experian Health booth activities 

“[In our booth this year at HFMA ANI, we want to focus] around peer to peer learning and exchanges, so we are doing less selling and more engaging and more understanding. Understanding folks problems and helping to collectively arrive at solutions.

We are doing a lot this year in terms of hands on demos of our solutions. We’ll be showing some of our patient engagement products which include, self-service portals and mobile options for getting price estimates for applying for charity care, and setting up payment plans. Likewise, on the revenue cycle management side to automate orders with patient access functionality, contract management claims and collections, all those types of things that we do to improve efficiency and increase reimbursement for our clients.

We’ll also be showing off some of our identity management capabilities to match, manage, and protect patient identities so we can safe guard medical information and reduce risks for our clients. And on the care management side, our early support and sharing of post acute patient care information to help providers succeed as we all move forward into a value based paradigm.”

How Experian Health is addressing the need for consumerism in healthcare 

“When it comes to consumerism, it’s interesting when you’re a company that has a lot of data and a lot of capabilities to say, ‘Hey what can we do for people?’ One of the things we really wanted to look at for our consumer approach, was to say, ‘What is it that needs to be done?’ We had some great hypotheses coming in and a lot of those were borne out but we actually undertook a big national study to take a look at what consumers biggest pain points were.

It has a qualitative and a quantitative component. But, we basically looked at the entire healthcare journey so we weren’t just asking them about the administrative and financial aspects of care, but also the clinical aspects. As we walked through the journey and were able to get a lot of quantitative data about all these different aspects of their healthcare journey, what actually turned out to be the most painful for the most people, were all the things around the financial equation. And, so clearly there can be pain in a clinical side, especially if you’re unhealthy, you’ve got something chronic, you’ve got something terminal. There’s all kinds of awful situations there but, really affecting almost everyone is a lot of the pain around the financial aspect of healthcare.

So, we were able to look closely at some of those pain points and decide on some of the biggest ones that we wanted to tackle.”

How Experian Health is helping providers address financial pain points for patients and providers

“Some of the big pain points for people is just the fact that you don’t know what you’re going to owe and as the patient portion of responsibility increases, understanding what you’re going to be paying becomes more and more important to a consumer. So, understanding what I owe earlier, being transparent, and then helping me pay, those are some of the areas. And there are others but those are some of the absolute biggest pain points. And as you pointed out with some of our propensity to pay analytics, and some of the other capabilities that we have, we’re able to help providers understand the financial situation patients are in much earlier in the process so they can get them to the right kind of funding sources. They can give them peace of mind so that they know what they’re paying upfront, which may impact when they choose to go in for a major procedure or how they might want to save up for it or how they might want to access different funding sources.”

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