Prevent fraud and comply with regulatory mandates with BizIDSM.

  • Verifies business and/or business owner application information for accuracy and truthfulness
  • Provides fraud risk scoring and decisioning to help prioritize highest-risk items for analyst review.
  • Delivers both high-level alerts and detailed information from multiple sources in a simple, cost-effective report
  • Assists you in complying with the USA PATRIOT Act, Red Flags Rule and other industry regulations
  • Further automates and streamlines your application process while mitigating costly commercial fraud
Get Reliable Information Fast

In today's fast-paced marketplace, you need a tool that provides reliable information and reduces approval time in order to stay competitive. Verifying business information is more complex than verifying the identity of an individual. With the possibility of multiple trade names, locations and guarantors, the costs of manual verification can quickly add up and limit operational efficiencies.

Mitigate Fraud Losses and Improve Operational Efficiencies

Through a single transaction, BizID searches multiple databases to authenticate a business and up to two business owners while helping meet compliance requirements. BizID quickly analyzes data on:

  • Business name or "doing business as" (DBA)
  • Up to two business addresses
  • Business Tax ID
  • Phone number
  • Up to two sets of consumer (business owner) information
Draw on Wealth of Database Resources

BizID draws on the depth and breadth of multiple databases, including Experian’s commercial risk information database, BizSource, which contains information on more than 22 million businesses and Experian’s vast consumer database of more than 220 million consumers.

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