Dynamic AccessTM

Receive powerful, granular commercial and guarantor data directly into your system

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Dynamic AccessTM

Access powerful, granular data delivered directly into your business management software system

Dynamic AccessTM allows you to leverage Experian’s commercial and guarantor intelligence from the comfort of your own business management software system. Reduce out-of-pocket costs and save time by choosing as much or as little data as you desire, with no filters, directly from BizSourceSM, Experian’s state-of-the-art commercial repository.

You can receive only the data you need in real time via an XML interface directly to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to more efficiently enhance visibility and improve analytics.

Get only the data you want on demand with Dynamic Access:

  • Data your way — Code only the most meaningful data.
  • Modular delivery — Customize information and delivery methods.
  • Consistent real-time updates — have consistency between ERP and CRM systems and Experian’s database.

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View a visual representation business health broken down by U.S. states and MSA’s.

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