Business Owner Background ReportTM

Businesses don’t commit fraud — their managers do

It’s true. Businesses are only as credible as the people managing them. Understanding the risk factors associated with the owners or managers of a business can be critical in properly assessing fraud, regulatory or reputational risk associated with a new business customer or partner. The Business Owner Background ReportSM provides unprecedented visibility into a business principal’s relationships with current and former business interests. Combining Experian’s robust consumer and commercial data assets with state-of-the-art analytics, the report provides a comprehensive evaluation of the fraud and credit risk associated with a business owner or principal. Proactively manage risk and optimize portfolio performance with this convenient, easy-to-use tool.

  • Insights beyond traditional credit risk tools — Gain a 360-degree view of a business owner’s or principal’s risks and liabilities across all business interests.
  • Reduce risk and enhance collections — Identify applicants who have patterns of poor management performance.
  • Commercial fraud prevention — Have the ability to verify that the person applying for credit is currently affiliated with the business you’re considering working with — or find out if he or she has been associated with businesses you’ve had problems with in the past.

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