The Road to Financial Wellness

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This week, we talked with Jason Vitug about the road to financial wellness. The video panel included: Jason Vitug – Founder of,  Dr. Barbara O’Neill– CFP®, Distinguished Professor, and Specialist in Financial Resource Management, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Carey Ransom– CMO of PayoffRod Griffin – Director of Public Education at Experian, and Mike Delgado – Social Media Community Manager at Experian.

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Questions We Discussed:

  • Q1: How do you define financial wellness?
  • Q2: What are bumps people may encounter on the road to financial wellness?
  • Q3: What are some common debts people struggle with?
  • Q4: What are steps people can take to get out of debt?
  • Q5: How important is budgeting on the path to financial wellness?
  • Q6: How does credit affect financial wellness?
  • Q7: What are ways to save when struggling with debt?
  • Q8: When should you seek help from a financial expert? Any non-profits you can recommend?
  • Q9: What websites and resources would you recommend to help people achieve financial wellness?
  • Q10: Any final tips to help us stay financially well?

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