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Mike Olson, Owner of Evenflow Sewer and Drain Service in Kings Park, New York shares how his subscription to Experian Business Credit Advantage has...

Published: October 2, 2023 by Gary Stockton

Both businesses and individual consumers have credit scores that reflect how they’ve historically used credit. Lenders and others use these scores to help determine...

Published: June 21, 2023 by Gary Stockton

In this business credit education post we cover the top factors that impact business credit your business credit...

Published: November 15, 2022 by Gary Stockton

There are two types of credit inquiry, hard and soft. How do hard and soft credit inquiries impact your business credit score? We explain...

Published: January 31, 2022 by Gary Stockton

Paying down commercial debt — is paying one account and going delinquent on another a good idea? In this business credit answer, I want...

Published: October 12, 2021 by Brodie Oldham

Experian Business Information Services was delighted to participate in a #CreditChat tweet chat recently. For the chat, we compiled some answers to frequently asked...

Published: May 1, 2019 by Gary Stockton

Experian has released a business credit score planner tool to help you run what-if scenarios. It helps you learn behaviors that build strong... Published: October 19, 2017 by Gary Stockton

The Experian Blueprint on Business Credit

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