From Tanks to Tanks: Vet Business Owner Building Strong Credit with Experian

October 2, 2023 by Gary Stockton

Mike Olsen’s story is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the undying spirit of entrepreneurship. Last month marked 23 years since Mike bid farewell to his military life, a period in which he served as an M1-A1 Armor Crewman in the U.S. Army. His role as a 19K had him operating tanks, a role demanding precision and unwavering commitment.

Leaving the Army in 2000 with an honorable discharge, Mike’s initial journey into the civilian world was riddled with its set of challenges and learning curves. At a young age of 24, he ambitiously ventured into the world of business, purchasing a bar. What was intended to be a side gig quickly evolved into a full-time business commitment due to unforeseen challenges with his business partner. Four eventful years later, and after the birth of his identical twin girls, Mike made the pivotal decision to sell the bar. This choice allowed him to refocus on his union job with KEYSPAN and embrace the joys of starting a family.

Fast forward to the present, and Mike stands at the helm of Evenflow Sewer and Drain Service, a venture he’s proudly nurtured for three years. From pumping septic tanks to line clearing, Mike’s dedication to quality service remains unwavering. Yet, just like any other small business owner, he faced financial hurdles, especially in the formative years of his enterprise.

Enter Experian Business Credit. This platform became Mike’s guiding light, allowing him to monitor his business credit closely. “Without Experian Business, I’d be in the dark about my financial standing,” Mike reflects. Not only has the platform helped him stay prompt with his payments, but the insights it provides, like the ‘Days Beyond Terms’, have played an instrumental role in enhancing his financial literacy.
In the initial years, Mike grappled with unfavorable financing options. However, with the support of Experian Business Credit Advantage, he not only secured business credit cards that seemed elusive due to his personal credit standings but also saw an uplift in his credit limits. “I check my Experian business credit profile almost religiously,” Mike admits, emphasizing the role of real-time feedback in enhancing his creditworthiness.

From navigating the intricate terrains of the Army to maneuvering the dynamic world of business, Mike’s journey stands as a beacon of inspiration. With the continued support of platforms like Experian Business Credit, there’s no doubt that he’s poised for even more success in the years to come.

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