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Our customers share how Experian Business Credit solutions have impacted their business


Construction and design firm growing successfully with Experian business credit monitoring

John Colaneri, the owner of Lilyshea Design, shares his experience with monitoring for fraud to gain access to capital in his construction and design firm Lilyshea Design, LLC, based in New Jersey. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, John emphasizes the importance of monitoring his credit score and utilizing tools like Business Credit Advantage to ensure financial health for his business. John shares how he manages his credit, monitors for any fraud incidents, and maintains good credit health to secure funding for future projects.

Owner of Evenflow Sewer and Drain Service Gains More Favorable Business Credit

Mike Olson, Owner of Evenflow Sewer and Drain Service in Kings Park, New York, shares how his subscription to Experian Business Credit Advantage has helped him gain access to more favorable financing options. Mike says he checks his business credit profile at least once a day to make sure he is keeping his payments current with his trading partners.

CEO of Liberty Capital Service Credits Experian for 20 Years In Business

Ken Wichman, the CEO of Liberty Capital Services in Ohio, has credited Experian for helping his business stay in operation for the last 20 years. Ken’s company assists customers in purchasing or refinancing their homes and caters to a diverse range of customers. Experian Business Credit Monitoring solutions have helped Wichman identify and mitigate potential credit issues that could have caused problems in the future. Ken says checking his business credit report regularly has also enabled the company to obtain better rates, expand its business, and track its credit history and negative credit events. As a result, Experian has become an essential tool for business owners like Ken Wichman.

Alone at Home Pet Services, Inc.

Tammy McMahan’s pet sitting business Alone at Home Pet Services, Inc. was almost a victim of identity theft a few years ago. Tammy shared that it was an extremely upsetting event, so she signed up for Experian Business Credit Advantage, her subscription ensures her business credentials remain impeccable, and she can keep tabs on anything related to her business credit file with Experian.

Five Star Mastery, Inc.

Five Star Mastery, Inc. CEO Nir Nimni kept getting declined for a business credit card, so he signed up for Experian Business Credit Advantage and discovered there were a couple of transactions from a different company with a similar name on his credit report. Experian helped Nir get those items removed, and he was able to qualify for a business credit card for his business.

Nir tells Experian he feels more confident in his ability to get approved for credit, knowing that there is nothing he is unaware of on his report.

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