Craig Boundy: Cultural Humility, Leadership Agility, Support Networks & Financial Inclusion

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In this episode, Craig Boundy, Global Chief Operating Officer at Experian, chats with us about cultural humility, leadership agility, navigating career transitions, and ways to manage imposter syndrome. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of building a support network and why he’s focused on financial inclusion.

Here are highlights from this conversation:  

 You can also catch the full video conversation with Craig Boundy here. 

About Craig Boundy 

Craig Boundy is the Global Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Experian, where he leads operational and commercial initiatives to drive innovation-led growth. With extensive experience in executive roles, Craig has served as CEO of Experian North America and Managing Director of Experian UK and Ireland, before transitioning into his global role. Prior to joining Experian, he held leadership positions at Logica UK, Cable & Wireless across Europe, US, and Asia, and Energis. Craig began his career at BT, contributing to the development of the company for many years. He is a strong advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion within Experian and serves as the global lead for race and ethnicity. Craig’s expertise and commitment have been instrumental in advancing Experian’s global success.

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