How Computers See Gender & Implications w/ Morgan Klaus Scheuerman @MorganKlauss (Episode 135) #DataTalk

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In this week’s #DataTalk, we chat with Morgan Klaus Scheuerman about his research focused on the way transgender individuals’ experience safety and bias when interacting with digital technologies and ways computers determine gender identities.

Check out Morgan’s latest research:

And make sure to check out his work on the HCI Guidelines for Gender Equity and Inclusivity.

You can also listen to this podcast on YouTube.

Morgan Klaus Scheuerman

Morgan Klaus Scheuerman is an Information Science PhD student interested in exploring the ways individuals with diverse gender identities interact with technology. He is also a research intern focused on ethical artificial intelligence at Google. He grew up in Maryland, where he earned a Bachelor of Art in Communication & Media Studies with a minor in Gender Studies at Goucher College and a Master of Science in Human-Centered Computing at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His master thesis work focused on the way transgender individuals’ experience safety and bias when interacting with digital technologies. At CU, he works with Jed Brubaker in the Identity Lab. In his spare time, Morgan enjoys travel, hiking, photography and consuming snobby hipster coffee beverages in mid-century modern cafes. Follow Morgan on Twitter, Medium, Github and LinkedIn.

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