Asian Americans in Tech: Ask-Me-Anything Panel (Episode 157) #DataTalk

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In this #DataTalk episode, we’ll hear from three Asian-American Experian leaders: Debbie Chamkasem, Vice President of Global Technology Programs, John Ken, Vice President of Customer Relationship Management, and Jimmy Cheung, Senior Vice President of Technology and Engineering. These leaders spoke at a panel to provide advice for those who are considering a career in tech.

Together, Debbie, John, and Jimmy engage with their audience by answering questions about their views on Experian, as well as career advice, highlighting their talents and recipes to success.

Here are video highlights from this conversation:

You can also catch the  full conversation here.

About Debbie Chamkasem

Debbie Chamkasem is the Vice President of Global Technology Programs at Experian. She graduated from UCLA with B.S. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and has always loved technology. She plays an integral role in helping the Experian IT organization achieve the digital transformation and engagement strategic objectives.

Debbie’s early Experian career started in the CRM area.  Siebel, Oracle CRM OnDemand, and then leading the technical team who implemented globally for Experian.  In the Platform Evangelist role, Debbie focused on productizing various Experian platforms, products, and services.  She is driving to help transform her teams to be more product-centric with a focus on customer experience and on bringing value to Experian Business Units. In her current role, Debbie works on strategic programs such as Project Nike, the Agile transformation, migration to native Cloud, and much more.