Experian on Snapchat

Are you on Snapchat?  Snap with us by following our Experian_US account.

Here are some of our Snapchat stories:

Corporate Responsibility

We’re showing how our employees are involved in serving our communities (e.g. Red Cross Blood Drive, Junior Achievement, JP Morgan Corporate Challenge).

Financial Literacy

We’re snapping about important money and credit topics like ways to pay down debt, benefits of compounding interestteaching kids about money, eliminating debt with the snowball method, building a side hustle, etc. We also some fun segments like #FrugalBrag and “Debt Breakup” to inspire everyone to reduce debt and save more.

 Life at Experian

We have a weekly show similar to MTV Cribs – except we call it ETV Cubez and feature our employees in different business lines. We also show what’s happening on our campus and give tours of our offices (e.g  Tour of our Experian Data Lab).

Conferences & Special Events

We’re snapping at conferences like the National Jump$tart Conference and showing behind-the-scenes at special events like our Periscope panel with FEMA.