Ways to Give Back & Support to Our Communities

The panel included Molly Ford-Coates: Founder, Ford Financial Management; and Beverly HarzogCredit Card Expert and Consumer Finance Analyst for U.S. News; Jonathan: Blogger and Podcaster; Jordanne Wells: Founder of Wise Money Women; Jennifer Salter, Blogger & Creative Entrepreneur; and Paulina Likos: Investing Reporter at U.S. News.

Questions Discussed:

  • Q1: Why is it important to give back and support our vulnerable communities?
  • Q2: What are some ways to stay aware of issues impacting our communities?
  • Q3: What are nonprofits and other service organizations helping vulnerable communities?
  • Q4: What are some ways kids can get involved in giving back?
  • Q5: What sort of online volunteering efforts are available to us while in self-isolation?
  • Q6: What are nonprofits, organizations, and causes helping with important social issues right now?
  • Q7: What are some ways to help those hurting due to COVID-19 (e.g. finances, food)?
  • Q8: What are some ways to ensure we’re giving to legit organizations (and maximizing our giving)?
  • Q9: What are some ways to use social media to support and encourage others who are hurting?
  • Q10: Any final tips for ways to give back during this difficult time?

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