Frugal Family Tips for Maximizing Savings (And Reducing Debt)

The panel included Rod Griffin: Director of Consumer Education and Awareness at Experian; Alicia R. Hudnett Reiss: CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™;  Sarah Brady: financial consultant, workshop facilitator, and writer; Beverly HarzogCredit Card Expert and Consumer Finance Analyst for U.S. News; Todd Christensen: Education Manager at Money Fit by DRS; Molly Ford-Coates: Founder, Ford Financial Management; Gloria Fagbemi: Founder,; Take Charge America; American Consumer Credit Counseling; Sahirenys Pierce: Personal Finance Expert; Roger Ma: Financial Planner at LifeLaidOut and author of Work Your Money, Not Your Life; Sarah Brady: financial consultant, workshop facilitator, and writer; Patrina Dixon: Certified Financial Educator; Gerri Detweiler: Director of Education at Nav Inc.; and Daniella Flores: Creator and Author at

Questions We Discussed:

  • Q1: Is your family spending more, less, or the same since the coronavirus outbreak began?
  • Q2: What are some frugal tips you received from. your parents while growing up?
  • Q3: What are some ways to model family spending during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Q4: How can families save money if they’re struggling during the coronavirus pandemic?
  • Q5: What are some steps to getting out of debt as a family?
  • Q6: How can you get children involved in budgeting and saving?
  • Q7: What are some clever tips that can help you save money on food and eat well?
  • Q8: What are some ways to reduce and save money on utility bills?
  • Q9: What are some fun and frugal activities for families to do together during the quarantine?
  • Q10: What are some money lessons we can learn from the coronavirus pandemic?