Social Storytelling with Brian Fanzo [Video]

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This week, we had a chance to chat with digital strategist and social business leader Brian Fanzo on Twitter and in a Google+ hangout. Brian shared his insights on social storytelling – and shares his personal strategies on how he builds community across different social channels.

Questions we asked Brian:

  • What is social media storytelling?
  • How can brands succeed at social media storytelling?
  • What are some examples of big brands use social media storytelling well?
  • What are the elements of a successful brand story?
  • How can employees be effective storytellers for their organization?
  • How does storytelling help brands build their audience?
  • What are tips for brands who want to start telling their story on social media?
  • How do brands know what persona matches their brand story?
  • How do you cross over from storytelling to selling?
  • How can social media impact the delivery of stories?

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Highlights from the tweetchat: