Coping with Anxiety & Financial Stress During Tough Times

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This week, we talked about ways to cope with anxiety and financial stress during tough and tragic times as we mourn (and stand united) with the Black community.

The panel included Talaat & Tai McNeely, Personal Finance Educators, Writers, Vloggers, and Podcasters at HisandHerMoney; Forbes Advisor; Molly Ford-Coates: Founder, Ford Financial Management; and Beverly HarzogCredit Card Expert and Consumer Finance Analyst for U.S. News; Jordanne Wells: Founder of Wise Money Women; Daniella Flores: Creator and Author at; Jennifer Salter, Blogger & Creative Entrepreneur; and Paulina Likos: Investing Reporter at U.S. News and Rod Griffin: Senior Director, Consumer Education and Advocacy, Experian.

Questions We Discussed:

Q1: What are current issues causing people a lot of stress and anxiety?
Q2: What are ways to uplift and help those who are hurting or anxious right now?
Q3: What are lies we tell ourselves when feeling anxious and stressed out? How do we combat those lies?
Q4: How can the anxiety we’re feeling right now impact our spending, budgeting, and saving?
Q5: What are ways to manage anxiety levels when confronted with unemployment, reduced income, or unexpected bills?
Q6: What should we do about anxiety due to overwhelming debt?
Q7: Sometimes financial debt can lead to shame (or even hiding bills from our partners). How can couples work through this?
Q8: What are ways to build financial systems to help reduce financial anxiety?
Q9: Financial anxiety can impact our physical and mental health. When is it time to seek help? What resources are available?
Q10: Any other suggestions to help people struggling with finances and anxiety right now?

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