Shri Santhanam of Experian Highlights GenAI’s Transformative Impact at Bloomberg’s Vision of Tomorrow Panel

Published: May 10, 2024 by Editor

In a panel discussion at a Bloomberg-hosted panel titled “AI and Data Analytics: The Path to Unleashing Hidden Insights,” Diksha Gera, a Senior Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, moderated a session that included key insights from Shri Santhanam, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Software, Platforms, and AI at Experian. Santhanam shared his thoughts on the transformative influence of generative AI (GenAI) within the financial sector, underlining its potential to revolutionize traditional practices.

Enhancing Core Processes

Santhanam illustrated how GenAI is altering the landscape of financial institutions. By automating intricate tasks, improving customer interactions, and expediting product development, this technology is pivotal. It transforms time-intensive tasks into more efficient processes, significantly enhancing productivity. This shift allows employees to focus on more strategic, higher-value work, thereby boosting the overall efficiency of financial institutions.

Managing Risks and Ensuring Compliance

With the adoption of GenAI comes a host of inherent risks—privacy concerns, data integrity issues, and challenges in regulatory compliance. Santhanam underscored the critical need to balance these innovative strides with stringent security measures that protect customer data and comply with existing regulations. The commitment to aligning practices with regulatory standards and ethical guidelines is paramount as the financial sector continues to integrate AI into its core operations.

Governance and Collaboration

Effective governance is essential for the successful deployment of GenAI in finance. Santhanam advocated for a collaborative approach that includes risk management, legal, and technical teams. The development of robust governance frameworks supports ethical and compliant AI applications, which are crucial for fostering responsible innovation within the industry.

The Future of GenAI

Looking forward, Santhanam pointed to several trends that are shaping the future of GenAI in the financial sector. These include pressures to reduce costs, increased demand for personalization, and the necessity for user-friendly interfaces. GenAI is set to play a key role in delivering personalized, efficient, and accessible financial services that respond to the evolving needs of customers.

These insightful discussions, spearheaded by industry leaders like Bloomberg and moderated by experts such as Diksha Gera, emphasize Experian’s leading role in navigating the potential and challenges of AI in financial services. The journey towards a more innovative and inclusive financial ecosystem is well underway, driven by the transformative capabilities of GenAI.

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